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In most learning institutions, a short essay or a five-paragraph essay is a mandatory assessment tool for students. It is considered an important element for school compositions. In fact, it is a short and brief writing task, yet it must convey your topic to readers right from the basics of the topic and develop them in a manner that gives a commendable finalization of the topic’s concept.

Learn More About What a Five Paragraph Essay?

Most people don’t understand what is needed in a short essay or a five paragraph essay. Somehow, to master what to do when assigned an essay of this type you must understand that is one of the classic formats for composing high school and even college writings. A five paragraph essay is a short paper that must be written a manner that conveys the meaning of the topic will present the basic sides.

Therefore, like many other types of academic writings, a five paragraph essay must comprise the introduction paragraph, a body section, and a conclusion paragraph. The body paragraphs in this case will be three paragraphs that support the thesis statement mentioned in the first paragraph. For readers to be involved in your paper, we have professional paper writers that are aware of the intricates of composing an introduction for your paper.

The thesis statement is, undoubtedly, an important element of the introduction as it helps writers to convey to the reader what is to be included in the body of the short essay. A good approach to writing a short essay body is to have the first paragraph state the strongest point that supports your thesis statement. It is in this paragraph that a writer must give the most effective example or illustrations.

This is not to say that the second paragraph should be weak; instead, it should also be effective. While the third paragraph of the five paragraph essay can contain the weakest point, it should not be the case if the argument can still be supported with strong points.

The third paragraph can contain a weak point because the other two paragraphs have effectively displayed your main arguments and positions. The conclusion of a five paragraph essay, like any other type of conclusion, should have a restatement of the thesis statement and a brief summary of the three body paragraphs. By now you should know for sure that once you entrust your five paragraph essay to our writing service you can rest assured that our experienced essay writers will perform the task to a different level of awesomeness that you won’t find elsewhere.

Buy and Learn How To Write A Five Paragraph Essay

Most of the 5-Paragraph essays are expected to be written in a simple format because you are to write the main ideas in just five paragraphs. A writer or student is expected to write the paper by starting with an introduction. While doing this, one should respect all the writing rules and formatting guidelines. If one citation style has been chosen, the formatting should be consistent throughout the essay. Following these simple guidelines challenges students most of the time. If this is the case with you, know that you’re not alone.

All types of writing tasks challenge most students, not just the 5-paragraph essay. This is the case because of the many technical requirements of research, formatting, grammar, and structure. At our writing agency,, we want you to have the best experience when you are assigned to write a powerful 5-paragraph essay. In other words, we want you to achieve the grades you want. Therefore, we are here to offer the help needed in writing the 5-paragraph essay. To be specific, we offer writing assistance at any of your academic levels and we are staffed with experienced writers that do their best to write papers according to the specifications of our customers.

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Outline Tips for Writing a Five Paragraph Essay (Structure)

Most school and college tests include a writing portion where learners are provided a writing prompt where they must write an essay on the topic. Most writing tasks cause students to be wary of the writing process and the grading. With, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, we provide learning materials and writing guides that help you understand how to write a five paragraph essays- the most common of all writing prompts. The following should make the outline section of your 5 paragraph paper.

The First Paragraph of a 5-Paragraph Essay: The Introduction

For the five paragraph essay, the introduction is the crucial as it provides the general direction that the entire write up will take. Moreover, it also sets the tone in a manner that grabs attention. General advise on how to write an introduction for a five paragraph essay:

  • Description of the main idea which can be formed from the essay prompt.
  • Development of a strong thesis statement. This will guide the read to identify the main idea of your essay, providing an answer for the essay question.
  • For a five paragraph essay, only three arguments are needed to form the introductory part of the paper. Each should be one sentence. Voila! You’ve just written your introductory paragraph.

The Second, Third and Fourth Paragraphs: Supporting Details to Your 5-Paragraph Essay

  • The body of the essay will be formed by these three paragraphs. In this section, be sure that each paragraph supports the thesis statement and that it has enough supporting evidence such as quotes, statistics, or examples. The three points in the introduction will be discussed in a single paragraph.

Now you have a body paragraph. Repeat for points two and three. The best part about introducing your main points in the first paragraph is that it provides an outline for your body paragraphs and eliminates the need to write in transitions between paragraphs.

For the outline, you can list the key points of these 3 supporting paragraphs independently.

The Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion

After writing the body paragraphs, the final one is the concluding paragraph which must summarize the essay. While it may seem easy for some, its often difficult for students to develop concrete conclusions. Make sure the paragraph connects to the essay and supports, in a clear and concise manner, the thesis statement.


This section is only required if the instructions specify the need to support your sources. Thus, it can be included or omitted from your outline.

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Where You Can Find the Necessary Assistance

There are several avenues to get assistance but the best of them all is hiring a tutor online to write the five paragraph essay for you. Many websites claim to offer this assistance but you should be wary as some are just after your money with little to no regard for quality assurance. .

The Internet may also offer some assistance but it may not be in tandem with what your academic level requires. It may also fail to meet the expectations of your lecturer.

So, What to Do If You Need To Buy 5-Paragraph Essay Help?

It may seem difficult to write a five paragraph essay. Note: your age, discipline, or study level cannot save you from meeting such a writing task. While it may not be as complex as dissertations are, the 5 paragraph essay is a daunting task for students that work and study hard in more than three subject areas. Thus, it may not be long before you need the kind of writing assistance that offers to learners like you.

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Topics about 5 paragraph Essay: Get Ideas Here 

When choosing a topic for a five paragraph essay, learners must be aware that the topic should be able to allow one to use strong arguments to support or reject it. In such a way, the intended effect on the reader is achieved easily. It is recommended that a popular or urgent social issue is selected as a topic for the five-paragraph essay.

Besides, it is possible to develop strong convincing arguments when these topics are chosen because of the varied standpoints by different scholars and factions. Therefore, choosing a good topic is a key ingredient of a successful essay.

The topic should be common and brief but with enough evidence to support it. When you buy five paragraph essays, we ensure that we begin with a thorough process of topic selection which will ultimately facilitate the writing of a good paper.

Examples of Possible Topics

  • The major effects of COVID 19 pandemic
  • The benefits of free education in your country
  • Why do people suffer from PTSD
  • Do we have a predetermined life or fate will direct our living?
  • Should the government support same-sex marriage?
  • Is death penalty an “ethical” punishment for criminals?

We can write thousands of topics on the 5 paragraph essay. Buy an essay from us and get experts to develop your topic.

From the example topics listed, you can easily see a five paragraph essay can be: